Wow your clients by helping them meet their diversity goals.

AdGrader helps recruitment agencies to make their job adverts fully inclusive. Which, in the current climate, is a huge selling point to prospective and current clients and positions your agency as the one to do business with.

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diversity and inclusion calculator

The big 49.7%

Females are 49.7% less likely to apply to a masculine-coded job advert.

Which means that the words you use in your adverts can have a massive impact on your advert’s response rates and your chance of filling the role.

Words such as ‘confident’, ‘strong’ and ‘competitive’ – words you usually wouldn’t think twice about including in an advert – could all subconsciously put females off applying to your ads.

Luckily, AdGrader thinks 193 times a second so you don’t have to. All you have to do is work with AdGrader’s suggestions to improve the inclusivity of your text.

And in a world where diversity and inclusion has become so important, being able to tell your clients that all of your recruitment advertising is fully screened for D&I is a massive selling point, when most recruiters won’t give this a second thought.

diversity and inclusion calculator

Why you need to remove unconscious bias from your job adverts.

Unconscious bias is present in the language that most people use. And unconscious bias kills response rates to job adverts. It’s that simple.

So the simple reason why you need to remove it from your job adverts is because if you don’t, you’ll reduce your chance of filling the role, and if you do it’s a huge selling point to your potential clients.

AdGrader helps you quickly and easily remove all unconscious bias from your recruitment advertising.

Minimal effort and time. You’d be crazy not to use it before publishing any job advert.

diversity and inclusion calculator

How AdGrader does it.

AdGrader constantly scans your advert text against a series of dictionaries containing thousands of potentially discriminatory or gender biased words and phrases.

It then suggests a range of neutral synonyms to swap those flagged terms with. And as you do that, you’ll see your Inclusivity and Readability scores improve

The aim is to get your scores over 85% for inclusivity, and 80% for readability. Do that and your chances of find the perfect hire skyrocket, and you look like a compassionate recruitment god in the eyes of your potential client.

Who will be safe in the knowledge that your hiring process is fully inclusive and offers equal opportunities to all applicants.

See AdGrader in action.

Here’s a video showing how AdGrader works. The video shows a random job advert taken from Total Jobs and demonstrates how to quickly turn a poor inclusivity score into a very good one.

The online tool that helps you win more clients, fill more roles and look like a caring, compassionate, socially-aware recruiter, all in one.


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