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Want to remove unconscious bias from your job adverts? AdGrader will help you make your job adverts as inclusive as possible.

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What is “unconscious bias”?

Unconscious bias is relating an individual to a stereotype formed around certain groups of people, or qualities of a person, without being consciously aware of the thought process.

This will then affect how the person treats or forms opinions on the individual they’ve related to a stereotype.

You may also know unconscious bias as “implicit bias” or “implicit stereotype”.

diversity and inclusion calculator

The big 49.7%

Females are 49.7% less likely to apply to a masculine-coded job advert.

Some examples of masculine-coded language we see in job adverts on a regular basis are ‘confident’, ‘strong’ and ‘competitive’, words you usually wouldn’t think twice about.

Luckily, AdGrader thinks 193 times a second so you don’t have to. All you have to do is work with AdGrader’s suggestions to improve the inclusivity of your text.

diversity and inclusion calculator

AdGrader’s methodology

AdGrader has been programmed to scan your text constantly in order to identify any exclusive language, scoring your job advert in two areas: Inclusivity and Readability.

Getting these scores to over 85% Inclusivity and 80% Readability will optimise your job advert and improve your chances of finding the perfect hire.

Plus, we’re constantly developing AdGrader. You’ll be able to reassure your clients that your hiring process is fully inclusive and offers equal opportunities to all applicants.

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