Stop relying on search tools and fill more roles with quality job adverts.

  • Attract more quality applicants
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  • Help your clients hit their D&I goals

Get more applications, fill more roles and make more money with AdBuilder.

AdBuilder makes it easy.

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Try AdBuilder FreeGet a demo

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Get your agency’s adverts ranking #1 on job boards.

Who looks on the second page of anything? AdBuilder’s proven advert formats and keyword optimisation techniques will help your adverts rank towards the top of any job board for your chosen job title.

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Attract the best people to your roles without even trying.

With AdBuilder, your consultants – regardless of experience – will be able to quickly and effortlessly create job advert masterpieces that magnetically attract the best people, and compel them to hit the ‘apply’ button.

No thought, creativity or search tools required.

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Fill more roles and make a lot more money.

AdBuilder won’t help your consultants fill the roles they already fill. But it will help them fill more of the rest.

The adverts the AdBuilder creates are optimised for SEO and mobile engagement, which in turn means more of the right people seeing your vacancies, more quality applications, more roles filled, and ultimately more money made.

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How AdBuilder does it.

Want to see AdBuilder in action?

Writing a bespoke job advert from scratch takes about an hour on average. AdBuilder helps you create fully optimised job adverts that even the best recruitment advertising copywriters would be proud of, in less than 10 minutes (see the video below for proof), giving your consultants more time to be even more productive.

Trusted by global recruitment agencies that want better, more consistent job adverts.

Who realised the opportunities that came with being able to help their clients achieve their D&I objectives. AdGrader helped position them as the agency to work with.

job adverts

“We’re an experienced recruitment agency and because of AdBuilder, we were able to generate an additional £629,000 in revenue, all because our advertising was better, more consistent and ranked higher. It also meant we could stop relying on tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter and meant we actually had job ads on our website instead of looking like we never recruited.”
Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director, Coburg Banks

Simple pricing, no surprises.

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See how AdBuilder will transform your recruitment agency.

Fill more roles first time around, and take the pain, hassle and hours out of writing job adverts. Free up your time, level up the playing field and make your team more productive than it’s ever been before.

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