Create fully optimised job adverts in less than 10 minutes.

  • Attract more quality applicants
  • Fill more roles and make more money
  • Save huge amounts of time & effort

AdBuilder helps solo recruiters to quickly create incredibly written, properly structured job adverts that outrank their competition and get the best people applying to their roles.

Get more of your day back without compromising on quality.

Try AdBuilder freeGet a demo

Try AdBuilder FreeGet a demo

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Fill more roles and make more money, with less time and effort.

AdBuilder helps you quickly and effortlessly create job advert masterpieces that are fully optimised for SEO and will rank towards the top of any job search.

Which means more of the right people seeing your vacancies, more quality applications, more roles filled, and ultimately more money made.

Watch this video for proof of how AdBuilder’s advert optimisation works in the real world.

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Never copy-and-paste a job specification again.

Slipping into lazy habits is an easy trap to fall into, but if you use a pasted job specification from your clients as your job adverts, well frankly you might as well set fire to your advertising budget.

AdBuilder will help you kiss goodbye to the ultimate recruitment cardinal sin, helping you to create brilliant, bespoke job adverts in minutes that will fill more of your roles and generate more revenue.

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Make every job advert fully inclusive and your clients will love you.❤️

The language you use in job adverts matters. Use the wrong words or phrases and it could put your perfect person off applying.

And with D&I being so important to your clients right now, being able to demonstrate that you can help them achieve an inclusive hiring process will see your new business efforts sky rocket and will get your on more PSL’s.

AdBuilder will show you any potential problem words with its AdGrader plugin, and suggest alternative neutral synonyms to replace them with, which ensures that your adverts are as inclusive as possible and appeal to a truly diverse audience.

See AdGrader in action →

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Save huge amounts of time and increase your productivity like never before.

Writing a bespoke job advert from scratch takes about an hour on average. AdBuilder helps you create fully optimised job adverts that even the best recruitment advertising copywriters would be proud of, in less than 10 minutes (see the video below for proof), giving you more time to be even more productive.

Trusted by solo recruiters across the globe.

All of which wanted to free up more time in their day without compromising on job advert quality. And none of which turned back once they’d tried AdBuilder.
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“As a one-man-band I know how precious time is for recruiters. AdBuilder delivers consistent brilliant job adverts in a fraction of the time it takes you to write one from scratch, and with minimal effort. The gains, both in time and quality of adverts – and subsequently applicants – have been enormous.”
Marc Powell

Simple pricing that scales with you.

We’ve got packages to suit recruitment agencies of every shape and size. Test every feature in AdBuilder for free for 7 days.
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See how AdBuilder will transform your recruitment agency.

Fill more roles first time around, and take the pain, hassle and hours out of writing job adverts. Free up your time, level up the playing field and make your business more productive than it’s ever been before.

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